About Barbara

I always strive to look great, even while working out. Because of this, I spent a long time searching for the ideal dress to play tennis and golf in. A dress without wrinkles and lumps that is both comfortable and flattering for my body when I am swinging in golf or serving in tennis. Unfortunately no such dress existed. The dresses I tried were all too short or too tight!


Subsequently, I decided to develop my own. I knew exactly what I wanted: a dress that was flattering on real women older than 30+ that was timeless and comfortable and made of the most beautiful fabrics of the highest quality. A sporting dress that one could easily throw on and continually look great in.


I began my search four years ago, and after an unmeasurable amount of research and frequent consultation with fitting models, I finally found it: the ideal dress that one could call the Little Black Dress of the tennis court and golf course.