About Barbara

A born entrepreneur, with experience and an affinity for marketing, advertising and networking, I love connecting people, be it in private or business. This has been a recurring theme in my life for years. I live an active lifestyle and like to always look my best, both at work and when I exercise.

I’d been on the lookout for a flattering sports dress to play tennis and golf in for a long time. A dress that I could effortlessly throw on and would always make me look fantastic. Preferably without showing any bumps and lumps during my golf swing or tennis service. How hard could it be? Well, very frustrating as it turned out: all the dresses I tried were either too short or too tight!

I started my quest in 2016, and after a lot of research and fittings, I finally found it: the ideal dress, my Little Black Dress of the tennis and golf course. Shop the Lapeek dress here

Apart from developing the Lapeek dress I love organizing sporty business events , for example golf tournaments. I also give interactive talks on the topic ‘Networking like a Pro’. I would love to help you make your business event a resounding success!


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