Business talk

Turn your event into a love game

Adding a witty comment to a social media post doesn’t scare us, wo why do we often panic when we find ourselves in a room with people we don't know? We know that a significant part of all business deals are concluded with people from within our network. For large companies, a strong network can generate tens of millions of euros in extra turnover. For you, it can be the stepping stone to more expertise, a better job or a freelance contract.

I have travelled all over America for the Dutch Congress Bureau, and learned to network in the country where it was invented. Recently I have bundled all my experiences, supplemented with tips & tricks from experts, into an interactive and energetic talk. During business events I teach your guests to let go of their embarrassment and to invest in their network, by making real and lasting contact with the people around them.

My talk lasts about half an hour, ensures that your event leaves an unforgettable impression on your guests. My rate starts at 1.500 euros ex. VAT. Do you want to turn your business event into a love game? Send me an e-mail.

By the way: I also organize business golf tournaments.


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