Golf tournament with power and a feminine touch

The major advantage of a business event in the shape of a golf tournament is how it takes your guests out of their daily working environment. Nothing makes networking easier than a day of golf in the great outdoors, culminating in a chat in the clubhouse.

I love organizing business golf tournaments, making sure that your event will not be easily forgotten by your guests. I operate as the link between you, the hostess or host and the golf course team. I will develop a programme outlining the most suitable golf format, a golf clinic for non-players and food & beverage options. On the day of the tournament I ensure that everything runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy the day yourself.



Utilizing my experience, I translate your wishes and business objectives into a complete proposal with a brief playbook. I prefer to work with Golf Club The International in the vicinity of Amsterdam Zuidas. As a member there myself, I know the team, the course, the facilities and the kitchen like the back of my hand. I favour nine hole tournaments over 18 holes, because it gives your guests time to network in the clubhouse.


During the event

I can act as a hostess and/or kick off the event with my interactive business talkNetworking like a Pro’ to transform your event into a love game. For me, the event is finished only after your last guest goes home happy.

Do you think your company would benefit from a golf tournament? Please send me an e-mail to make a no-obligation appointment to discuss your wishes and objectives.