Lapeek loves beautiful things, but equally loves giving back. This is why we have chosen to donate 50 euros per sold Lapeek-Dress to the Not only will you treat yourself to a lovely new dress, but you will be helping someone in need!

What does the do?

About 380,000 Dutch children grow up in poverty. For example, they cannot participate in exercise, do not have warm coats and never go on vacations. A report by the Children's Ambassador of the Netherlands shows that up to 40 percent of poor children do not normally receive a hot meal every day. It is important that a child has the opportunity to do ordinary things, such as eat healthy meals, receive treats on your birthday, take swimming lessons and occasionally go to the cinema. Unfortunately this is not a reality for one in ten of Dutch children. 

Children are never responsible for financial problems, but can suffer due to them. Because of this, the offers a helping hand to children in need. Once a year, families that are in bad shape financially receive a set of gift cards worth 600 euros. This way they are able to spend 50 euros per month at affiliated stores for a year. The pays all affiliated costs. Thanks to sponsorship of the cooperating companies the is able to donate 100% of its proceeds to children in financial distress.