Maat jurkje Borstomvang in centimeters
Sandy 84-88
Linda 88-92
Liz 92-96
Joan 96-100
Astrid 100-104
Barbara 104-108
Maxima 108-112
Denise 112-116
Jane 116-120

Lapeek - Love Game

The model Love Game is sleeveless, so you can show off beautiful tan arms.


The Lapeek-dress is made in nine sizes. As opposed to the often ill-fitting conventional dress size, a Lapeek dress is made based on your top width. If the top fits, the dress will fall smoothly and beautifully around your body whether you're tall, small, super slim or curvy.

Are you really one of the rare 10 percent of women who can properly measure themselves?

Research among 100 Lapeek-girlfriends show that 90 percent of women size themselves too tightly. Almost everyone incorrectly measures a 3 to 5 centimeter shortage, and if this sounds minimal, remember that this amounts to a difference in one whole dress size! Take the time to measure yourself properly in order to prevent ordering a dress in the wrong size.

Please watch this instruction video about how to measure your upper width.

De lengte

Don't have a measuring tape? We will send you one. Send us an email at [email protected] and you'll find it in your mailbox soon.

"Measuring is knowing", is the Dutch phrase to make sure you apply the right measuring to be sure and prevent all disappointment, only then we will be sure to count you as one of our girlfriends.

De stof

All Lapeek dresses are purposefully long, so that your tailor can fix them to the perfect length, allowing you to show exactly as much leg as you wish.

  • Never put a pair of scissors to your clothes yourself. Ask a proper tailor instead, because adjusting clothes is a profession.
  • Ask your tailor to cut the fabric (using proper tools like a tailoring knife), as the use of scissors on our material is highly discouraged.
  • A good tailor will ask you to put the dress on, so that they are able to mark your measurements properly with pins or tailors’ chalk.
  • If you have been blessed with a full and round bottom, as Barbara has been, then you should ask for the back to be left 1 centimeter longer. Ask your tailor to finish all the hem seams with a small trench stitch to prevent the seams from fraying.
  • Shortening your dress is your own decision, and Lapeek Sportstyle does not bear any responsibility for poor tailoring.