general terms & conditions


In these general terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

Lapeek sportstyle or ‘we’: Lapeek sportstyle, the user of these general terms and conditions;

Offer: every noncommittal offer by Lapeek sportstyle as defined in Article 3.1;

Order: every order placed through our web shop;

Agreement: every acceptance by Lapeek sportstyle of an order; product(s): all materials that are subject to the Agreement between the buyer and Lapeek sportstyle;

Delivery or Consignment: the actual delivery of the product(s) by or in name of Lapeek sportstyle; Webshop:



These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Offers, orders and Agreements, unless explicitly determined otherwise by Lapeek sportstyle. By placing an order, you agree to the General Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of your order.




All Offers by Lapeek sportstyle are only an invitation to order products. All prices and descriptions on the website, or referred to on the website are subject to availability and do not constitute a binding Offer. Any order placed by you, constitutes an offer by you to buy Lapeek sportstyle products and is submitted for subsequent acceptance by Lapeek sportstyle. Lapeek sportstyle acceptance of your order and the Agreement both commence at the moment that Lapeek sportstyle explicitly accepts your order or begins to process your order, either in whole or in part, by sending you product(s). All Offers are subject to availability and only valid during the period of availability as mentioned on the Webshop. After that period the Offer is no longer available to you.


You can place your orders by following the procedure and steps as mentioned in the Webshop.

Lapeek sportstyle does not accept orders:

- from persons under the age of 18;

- if Lapeek sportstyle can not determine whether the address as provided by you is correct or complete;

Lapeek sportstyle will reserve all rights and can refuse orders based on other reasons than the above mentioned; furthermore, Lapeek sportstyle is entitled to subject the agreement to additional conditions. If and when Lapeek sportstyle decides to refuse an order or applies additional conditions to the agreement, Lapeek sportstyle will announce this within 10 working days after receiving an order.



An Agreement will only become binding and enforceable after Lapeek sportstyle has confirmed your order by email.


4.1 The product prices in the Webshop at the time of your order are the prices applicable to the Agreement.

4.2 Prices are in Euro’s, including VAT, unless otherwise mentioned or agreed by Lapeek sportstyle.

4.3 Lapeek sportstyle reserves the right to alter prices of products, especially when necessary in situations that LaPeek sportstyle cannot influence, such as legal requirements or financial market fluctuations.

4.4 Free shipping within Europe.

4.5 Lapeek sportstyle charges €15,00 shipping costs when your order can not be delivered because of circumstances that in the reasonable opinion of Lapeek sportstyle are for your account.

4.6 Lapeek sportstyle reserves the right to charge additional shipping costs in case of special circumstances regarding your order as will be specified by Lapeek sportstyle.


5.1 The purchasing price [for the product(s)], including any additional costs, can be paid through different forms of payment. Lapeek sportstyle reserves the right to exclude certain forms of payment.


5.2 By choosing for creditcard payment, you allow Mollie Payments via Lapeek sportstyle to verify the validity of your creditcard and whether the credit limit is sufficient for the purchase order and to reserve payment.

5.3 Creditcard payment takes place immediately at the time of shipment of the product(s). At that moment Lapeek sportstyle will debit your account through a secure payment method.


6.1 Lapeek sportstyle will deliver purchased products as soon as possible to the address provided by you at the time of your order. All products are usually in stock. It is, however, possible that a product is temporarily not available. If an order as accepted by Lapeek sportstyle is not or only partially available for delivery, Lapeek sportstyle will notify you within 5 working days after the order was placed. In that case Lapeek sportstyle can cancel the Agreement.

6.2 The duration of shipping as announced in the webshop is only an indication.

6.3 Lapeek sportstyle is not liable for any damage in case of a later delivery.


7.1 The products as delivered to you will remain property of Lapeek sportstyle until full payment has been received by Lapeek sportstyle.


8.1 You have fourteen days to return your products. Within this time you can return products without explanation. This only applies to unused, undamaged products. The products need to be returned in the original packaging and original Lapeek sportstyle black gift box, accompanied by the completely filled out return form.

8.2 If you choose to return a product, the costs for return shipping will be for the buyer.

8.3 Lapeek sportstyle will return the purchase price less any cost (shipping cost) chargeable to you within 10 working days after receiving the returned products. Of course only after inspection from Lapeek sportstyle when unused and undamaged.


9.1 You are required to check delivered products immediately after delivery. If products are different from your order (for instance not the right size/colour/style), you need to immediately notify Lapeek sportstyle customer service in writing. The wrong delivery needs to be returned immediately after delivery within 14 days , with a description of the discrepancy / reason for the return. Lapeek sportstyle will pay for return shipping of wrong deliveries.


10.1 In case one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions or of any other Agreement between Lapeek sportstyle and you is in not in accordance with applicable law, that provision will be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision, which is as much as possible in accordance with the original Lapeek sportstyle provision.

10.2 Lapeek sportstyle reserves the right to alter these General Terms and Conditions.

10.3 The General Terms and Conditions as shown in the Webshop at the time you place your order are applicable to the Agreement. You can print these during or at the time of your order and payment at the Webshop.

10.4 Lapeek sportstyle is not liable for any damage, as a result from wearing or use of the Lapeek sportstyle products.

10.5 All Lapeek sportstyle products are labeled with exclusive laundry instructions. Never iron in areas with a print.


11.1 If you have a question or complaint about purchased products, you can get in touch with Lapeek sportstyle at the provided email and contact address under the header Webshop.


12.1 Dutch law applies to these General Terms and Conditions and all other legal requirements and obligations between Lapeek sportstyle and all parties. The Dutch Court has an exclusive jurisdiction in case a conflict based on these General Terms and Conditions.