Your story, your ring

As a strong, independent woman, you shape your own life. You know what suits you – whether it be clothes, holidays or home decor - and you know what makes you happy. So why not buy yourself a truly beautiful ring? As a reward for achieving a goal, because one of the kids goes off to college or because you simply need cheering up. No piece of jewelry tells the story of your life as convincingly as a ring. So go on, indulge yourself. Enjoy the thrill each time you show the world: "I earned it".

MyStoryTellRing is created by women, for women. The perfect gift for yourself, your mother, daughter, sister or close friend. Each ring comes with a certificate to record the reason for your purchase so that like your ring, this important story is preserved for posterity.

The ring was born from an collaboration between Barbara Peek and Luciënne Jesse of Jesse Jewelry in Amsterdam. Luciënne is a third-generation descendant from a family of Amsterdam diamond cutters and dealers. This is the first time Luciënne has associated her family name with another brand - an exclusive partnership between Lapeek and Jesse Jewelry.


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