The Dress

Designers, stylists and the Dutch queen all know that an A line dress is the most flattering on almost every woman.

Recently many women have rediscovered dresses as a means to dress elegantly. However, elegance is not the only benefit to wearing a dress. Wearing a dress is comfortable and means you do not have to worry about outfit combinations while also giving you a super feminine boost!

The Lapeek dress is produced in nine sizes based on upper body widths. All sizes have been named after friends of Barbara's because in real life, upper body widths don't stop at 100 centimeters. By naming dresses after Linda de Mol and Queen Máxima, Barbara brings homage to women who could easily be one of the Lapeek friends like you. 

The Lapeek Dress from A to V

  • The ingenious A line at the waist guarantees freedom to move and a slim silhouette.
  • The V-neck with perfect depth creates a sleek neckline.
  • The zipper makes donning and doffing of the dress easy and ensures that your hair is not tousled in the process.
  • Thanks to the zipper you can give your cleavage some sunlight after exercise.
  • Extra fabric around the buttocks and abdomen offers decent coverage and freedom to move.
  • The hidden pocket on the back is useful for carrying items (for example: tennis and golf balls).
  • The mesh fabric around the waist provides a modern touch and cooling during exercise.
  • The model Love Game is sleeveless, so you can show off beautiful tan arms.
  • The model Fairway has short sleeves that are elegant and slightly guarded.
  • Both models are fitted with a collar, in order to meet the dress code of international golf courses.